I am not Scared of Edge of tomorrow or Sky Net Because I Have Solid Reasons


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Yesterday I was watching the movie Edge of tomorrow. It was a story When Earth falls under attack from invincible aliens, no military unit in the world is able to beat them. Cage finds himself thrown into a time loop.

What a technology they have used. Amazing arms, amazing sceneries amazing fights and what else a tom cruise movie can hold a great movie worth watching. But in fact I was not scared of that because I know that even In Year 3025 Pakistan won’t change a lot.


Here it comes!

Let me present you the past and forecasted future 3025 of My Pakistan.

Invincible aliens in Pakistan oh scary!!!

Everything that alien is equipped with a lot of technology and highly energy requirement and big lands for operation. In Pakistan every year its floods no remedy is made for public the aliens space ships will get drawn in water & with no electricity they wouldn’t be able to send signals to outer space. They will be finished with short circuits


They will be killed just in few minutes buhahahahah…..!maglite-torches-alien-small-66510

The world will be controlled of sky net in Year 3000 oh yes I will love to have itEOT-2

Skynet is a fictional neural net-based conscious group mind and artificial general intelligence system that features centrally in the Terminator franchise and serves as the franchise’s main antagonist

The sky net system support robots that are superfast animate and with surveillance and amazing body features trust me they would not be able to breathe in Karachi Pakistan. The biggest city of Pakistan

Above are the super classic pictures of land of the president of Pakistan where he always gets elected can you imagine that no road is concrete in his elected area and mostly area is out of electricity till 2017.

From year 1 to 2017 these areas are underdeveloped how could I expect that in year 3000 just 983 years from now sky net could cover these areas where there is no network coverage & no electricity.

No Concrete Land

These 70% areas of Pakistan would be the biggest benefit to this world in alien attack days because when they will get stuck in the mud roads that always stay wet and pool of dirty water everywhere in 70% of our area of space their foots will stuck in mud roads and they can even get drown like this


And who would have let the Pakistan Underdeveloped; No international funds are required to keep Pakistan poor we have our own drones system. World’s most efficient drones our culture of corruption from politics to a simple hawaldar a common police officer who had the option of corruption everybody is corrupt.

In his every tenure our politicians earn trillions of dollars in inducement & corruption from this poor country and what happens next

The biggest support for the king here it comes

The Hero the fighter the supporter Mr. Shrek, He who takes the every next government & helps and sets the other corrupt free

Therefore the amount of corruption from a poor country Pakistan every day is definitely keeping it away from science, education, technology, and especially aliens. But what hurts me is us Pakistani people mentality is what we can’t change we will always support the corrupt because we protect our small benefits

So entire Hollywood industry make your mind that we are not scared of your whatever science & robotics & listen to all of us A 200 Million message, we won’t change but you have to do this for your Pakistani fans that your every science fiction movie must have this public service note.

Terminator 5025